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Anime Strike Is Now Free on Amazon Prime

Amazon has killed Anime Strike and added all of its shows to Amazon Prime. This means fans of anime will no longer have to pay the $ 5/month asking price for Anime Strike’s curated collection of anime shows, getting them for free (excluding the Prime subscription) instead. Amazon launched Anime Strike in January 2017. This… read more »

5 Best Free Online HTML Editors to Test Your Code

HTML runs the modern world. True, if you ask anybody what it takes to be a web developer, they’ll tell you all about JavaScript web frameworks, Python web frameworks, web programming practices, etc. Yet underneath all of that, HTML is what holds it all together. There is no web without HTML, and you need to… read more »

3 Must-Have Free Voice Chat Clients for Gamers

Voice chat is now standard fare in video gaming communities. Gone are the days when you had to share a couch to socialize while playing. Why bother when you can stay at home and chat over the internet all the same? The technology exists! But with so many options available, you may be confused as… read more »

Get a Free Gift Certificate Template for Microsoft Office

If you’re looking for a gift certificate template for your business customers, employees, or friends and family, you do not have to look far for an attractive design. These templates have terrific themes for holidays and birthdays or just any time of the year. You can use just one for all occasions or use a… read more »

13 Free Space Combat, Exploration, & Simulation Games for PC

It was only a decade ago that many of us were lamenting the decline of the space game genre. Fortunately, the scene has since turned around. While most new space fighters, traders, and simulations are retail releases, there’s a large free selection to choose from as well. The genre of “space” is an all-encompassing one. Here you’ll find… read more »

Is a Free PDF Editor Good Enough? Adobe Acrobat Pro DC vs. PDFescape

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is the brand’s newest PDF editor. Advertised as an all-encompassing solution, it seems great for heavy-duty PDF users. But it also costs $ 14.99/month after a free, week-long trial. If you’re an equally cost-conscious and tech-savvy person, you may be wondering about free alternatives. A Free Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Alternative… read more »

These Are the Best Free Mac BitTorrent Clients

BitTorrent is one of the most efficient ways of sharing files via the internet. The underlying technology distributes fragments of data with a cluster of users, which removes the need to host files on a physical server and many of the costs and limitations of doing so. If you’ve just switched to a Mac, you… read more »