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How to Quickly Find a Photo in Google Photos

Most of us have a Google account, probably for something like Gmail or Google Calendar. But did you know that Google is also a great option for storing and searching all of your photos too? Google Photos offers free unlimited (compressed) storage for your photos, making them available across a multitude of devices. If you… read more »

How to Find and Share Your 9 Best Instagram Photos of 2017 in a Grid

It’s that time of year again, when social media is awash with reminders of how our years went. Nowhere does this work better than on Instagram, where you’re probably seeing your friends sharing their nine best photos of the year. If you want to create a similar grid, here’s how. How to Find and Share Your… read more »

5 One-Click Websites to Make Your Photos Look Better

Digital cameras don’t always capture a photo the way the scene looks to your eye, so it’s best to edit those images. But do you really know how to make them look better? If not, one-click photo enhancers can help. No matter if you’re an amateur or a serious photographer, you should be editing your… read more »

How to Edit and Organize Your Images With the New macOS Photos

Apple’s Photos app has undergone a serious overhaul in the past few versions of macOS. The latest version has some solid editing capabilities — enough that it makes a great replacement for Picasa. If you haven’t looked at Photos in a while (and I certainly wouldn’t blame you), it’s time to get reacquainted. Adding Photos… read more »

You Can Now Send 4K Photos Using Facebook Messenger

Facebook is introducing a new feature aimed at smartphone photographers. Which describes 99% of us. Facebook is upping the maximum resolution Messenger supports, from 2K to 4K, meaning you can now send and receive photos at full resolution without Messenger compressing them. I’m old enough to remember a time when viewing a photo online would… read more »

How to Download Your Flickr Photos at Their Original Resolutions

Whether you’ve decided it’s time to bail on Flickr and no longer want to use the service or it’s the only place you’ve saved some of your photos, backing up your Flickr photos couldn’t be easier. Whether using native Flickr tools or a third-party app, you can download the photos you’ve uploaded at their original resolutions. Download… read more »

What It Takes to Make $500 per Month Selling Stock Photos

Whether you’re a pro photographer looking for a new income stream or a hobbyist photographer hunting for a side income, selling shots on stock photography websites could be a valuable tool in your arsenal. Although there are plenty of ways to earn a living from photography, selling stock photography is one that’s often overlooked. It’s… read more »

How to Remove Personal Info From Photos in Windows 10

Every time you take a photo, whether with a camera or a smartphone, a lot of personal information is stored in the image’s properties. If you would rather delete all that information before sharing the image with others, doing so on a Windows 10 machine couldn’t be easier. What Kind of Info Is Included? While not visible by… read more »