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A Quick Introduction to Java 8 Lambdas

If you’re a Java programmer and you’re interested in learning more about Java 8 lambdas, in this article we’re going to take a closer look at lambda syntax and usage. A lambda expression in Java is a concise way to express a method of a class in an expression. It has a list of parameters… read more »

7 Quick Games You Can Play On Google Search

Something really cool happened today. I wanted to look up some details on Solitaire, the game that Microsoft Windows made popular around the world. So as any normal person would do, I went to Google and typed “solitaire”. Here’s what happened next. Solitaire How to play: Search Solitaire in Google. That’s right, you can play a… read more »

Android Nougat’s Quick Shortcuts Save You Time

Android Nougat is the newest version of Google’s mobile operating system, and it contains plenty of cool features. Unfortunately, most Android devices don’t have it yet, so unless you have a Nexus phone or Google’s new Pixel device, you haven’t experienced what Nougat has to offer. Version 7.1 of Android is an incremental upgrade, but still offers… read more »

How to Unlock More Options on the PS4 Quick Menu

While the PS4’s firmware doesn’t update very often, the updates we get usually introduce a wealth of requested features. Update 4.0, launched just last week, includes new conveniences like folders for games and support for HDR display. One existing tool that received a tweak is the Quick Settings menu. Before the update, this menu included a… read more »

5 Quick Tips for Taking Good Care of Device Chargers

We tend to fret over battery life as if it were the most important aspect of our devices (phones, tablets, laptops, etc), and while battery life is important, we often forget — or take for granted — that these batteries are essentially useless without their respective chargers. I’m not saying we shouldn’t bother extending the… read more »

Quick Analysis Is One of the Best Excel Features You Aren’t Using

If you haven’t already, you really ought to consider upgrading to the latest version of Microsoft Office. I know we argued before that Office 2016 wasn’t worth it, but Office 365 (CA, UK) is still a valid option as it shares all of the same features and improvements. Indeed there are so many reasons as to why… read more »

A Quick and Dirty Guide to Every Setting in Microsoft Edge

Every major browser has die-hard fans and staunch haters, but no browser has been as polarizing in recent months as Microsoft Edge. There are valid reasons to start using it and there are valid reasons to wait until it improves. Only you can decide if Edge is worth your time, but before you jump to… read more »